Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Journey Through Acts (Acts 10)

Read - Acts 10

My Key Verse - Acts 10:39-41 And we saw it, saw it all, everything he did in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem where they killed him, hung him from a cross. But in three days God had him up, alive, and out where he could be seen. Not everyone saw him—he wasn't put on public display. Witnesses had been carefully handpicked by God beforehand—us!

My Reflection - One of the big things that I notice is God hand picks people to spread His message. He does this through their natural interactions as well as strategically putting people across our paths.

Right now I happen to be working in a totally secular environment. I usually tell people I have heard more cuss words in the last month than I have in 14 years. This I know though...God has strategically put me in this environment for this season for a reason. And I don't want to let Him down. I am going to do my best to let my life be a witness to these students and co-workers. That doesn't mean I have to be Jesus this and Jesus that. What it does mean is that my life can speak a thousand words and be ready to witness when the time is right.

My Prayer - Father, help me to be a witness with my life on a daily basis. Let your light shine bright through my actions and words. When the time is right put the words in my mouth to spread your Gospel.

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