Sunday, March 23, 2008

Journey Day 2

Today is day two of my 50 day spiritual journey.

Prayer Time - One Hour

Prayer Reflection - This time I spent the last five minutes just listening. I really felt God say "I am here" and that I need to keep pressing in. He has always been there I just need to reposition myself to sense and hear Him more.

Bible Time - Acts 2 Amplified Version

Scripture - Acts 2:1 AND WHEN the day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all assembled together in one place,

Scripture Reflection - This probably ties in a little with yesterday's reflection. God didn't give them a time it would happen, He just gave them a command to wait. I wonder if it felt like an eternity. I wonder if they sat there day after day wondering what was going to happen.

What I do see though is that they were together in one place. I almost want to say that the place wasn't just about being in one location although it was for them. I think that you could say that they were united and in purpose they were all in the same place. Imagine if today's church could do that. I think it will only be possible when everyone coming actually gets in the same place. To many people in church don't know why they are there and many are there for their own religious duty.

What would happen if we all came to a place where we were waiting on God to just explode His presence in our church and over our city?????

Book Reading - Visioneering pages 85-88

Book Reflection - These four pages begin the chapter called Going Public.

Vision is not something you do alone. God usually raises up a point person to paint a compelling picture.

An effective vision includes: the problem, the solution, the reason something must be done, and the reason something must be done now.

When communicating your vision you must be able to state your problem that the vision addresses. Often this is not a problem that people don't already know. They may have just gotten accustomed to living in this problem. Visioncasting often wakes people up from their apathy. Presenting the problem provides the context for presenting the solution.

My Prayer - Lord, help me to see clearly the issues of our area. The areas we as the church have allowed to grow where people have become apathetic. Burn this deep within me to the point where I cannot stand it no more.

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