Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beware The Cutting

Today I looked at my Google Reader and I have 133 subscriptions. 133!!!! That is a whole lot of blogs I follow.

Now I don't read every single post but I am finding that I am skimming through a lot of them.

My dilemna: Do I cut out a whole bunch? Many I read because they are a great resource to what I'm doing. Many others I read have been friends I have developed a relationship with through blogging. And where do I start cutting???????

I will be honest...I'm not getting much from the big dogs of pastor bloggers. I may start with theirs.

What are your thoughts? I feel I can handle about a 100 of them due to the nature of how I speed though the posts.

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Bill Reichart said...

ooooh, ouch....I am feeling the pain!!!!

Jason Curlee said...

Never fear Bill...your in the clear.