Thursday, February 28, 2008

Record Setting #999

This month has been a recording setting month for Making Difference Makers. At the end of December I changed my approach and for two months I have seen a steady increase.

Honestly I really do give all the props to God who has give me the favor to produce and get my thoughts out to the world. I also give much props to everyone who reads.

Here is the kicker: February is two days less than January and the blog still blew out the record books. My subscriptions have doubled and the hits are up over 25%...and I haven't even counted tomorrow. And no there wasn't any special post that drew in record numbers. It is all solid growth.

To top that...this is, between my two blogs, post #999. That means my next post will be post #1,000. I'm thinking of a special one for this one. It will go off on Making Difference Makers.

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