Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Questions Continue

How can we see the greatest level of influence as possible?

Can we be a church that, if suddenly closed down in 10 years, would be missed? And not just by the 100 to 500 people who attend. Would the community abroad even know it?

We marvel at a church like Lakewood...but 47,000 in a metropolis of 5,500,000 is only .85%. Less than 1%. Do you really understand that number???????? Yeah but they own the old Compact Center... point-eight-five-percent folks. (BTW...I respect Joel and what they do tremendously....I worked for his brother-in-law in Victoria...we were reaching about 4 - 5% there) I'm just talking pure community impact here.

What good is it to sit in our pews and behind our pulpits and say God bring 'em in? When are we going to start going out? What about impacting poverty? Teenage pregnancies? Homelessness? Substance abuse?

Does outreach need to be re-invented? A friend of mine who will remain nameless had an idea for an outreach to rent a big facility and have a crusade. A crusade???? You know hire this big Christian speaker...with a praise band....and have every Christian in town come and then say we had an outreach to the community. Gimmie a freakin' break.

Is creating culture possible and what would that look like here?

How big is too big in thinking what we can do?

Just a few questions I'm thinking about you????

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