Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Powerful Prayer

Today at Bay Area Fellowship, Pastor Bil started a new series on prayer. We are going to start praying big prayers around here.

At the end he put out the call to pray a big prayer over the next week:

We are going to pray that God is going to provide property that we can sign a lease on within the next seven days for our Padre Island and Five Points campuses. We are going to double our campuses from two to four in the next seven days.

On top of that he wanted us to pray that we would pour a slab for a new playground at the Corpus Campus.
Here is the cool thing. Right after the service someone came to him and said they would pour the slab. God is so awesome.

Be praying for us as we go through the next few months of launching these two campuses. I'm not just praying for that but also am praying that God will supply the finances for equipment and materials to get us started.

Pray God-sized prayers and watch Him move on your behalf.

I'll update you within the next week about the properties.

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